Projekt 37: Commercial Space for Independent Retailers

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Die Idee in fünf Worten

Commercial Space for Independent Retailers

Die Idee

  • Commercial/Shopping space for independent retailers
  • In addition to the microbrewery and Gastküche
  • For example: Fashion, Cosmetics, Homeware, Furniture
  • Solely for independent businesses in BS and BL
  • Providing a viable commercial area not associated with large corporations and chains which would importantly NOT BE a shopping mall or centre in the sense that we see now. More along the lines of an indoor market.
  • This may be possible using one of the old buildings that have been highlighted as a potential for saving.


This idea is for two groups of people

  1. Local and independent retailers, fashion designers, furniture makers, cosmetics, arts and crafts
  2. Visitors and tourists to the area. Making this place known to visitors as a shopping place for unique, locally produced items. Alternative to the central Stadt shopping centers and without being competition to each other. Something more long term then the other "pop up" marktes/events allready in Basel.